Sell Beats on Third Party Beat Sites

Sell BeatsQuick Guide to Sell Beats

Third party Beat sites is one of the best ways to gain exposure and sell beats online. The feeling of waking up in the morning to new sales is a life-changing experience.

If you have what it takes to sell beats online you too can experience success doing what you love to do.

First, you have to decide if you want to put your beats on third-party beat sites that host will your tracks for free or little to nothing or go it alone with your own website, blog, social media profile and other assets.

Check out our post on selling beats with your website.

Most savoy producers take both routes leaving no stone uncovered in the pursuit of maximum exposure. You will most certainly get the exposure that you need to sell beats and put more money in your pockets.

Do a search for “beat sites”, “beat websites” or “selling beats online” and you will find a plenty of third-party beat maker sites will host your beat sellers profile in hopes of landing sells from beat customers.

Reasons to sign up for sites like Roc Battle, Soundclick and Beatport are simple.

  • Free Sign up
  • Exposure
  • Contest
  • Make Money

Free Sign Up

Most third-party sites have an open membership policy that will allow you to sign up for free with limited features. Some may require that you give them percentage of your beat sells.  If you want to keep all your proceeds then will have to sign up for the monthly subscription.


Selling beats online is all about maximum exposure for your brand. The more beat buyers see your brand the better chance you will have to sell beats! Third party sites offer this but along with more competition from other hungry beat makers trying to sell beats.

Beat Battle Contest

The way to cut through the noise if you are a talented beat maker is to enter in the beat battle or contest. Third party sites are good for this ramping up the competition to see which beat maker is worthy of the being know as a true beat maker. Winning beat battles can put you in front of beat buyers who want the best beats for their demos, mix tapes and albums.

Earn Money Selling Beats Online

Having earned your way to the top on third-party sites you should see more money in your Pay pal account. This is the main goal of selling beats online right? Well getting to this point is hard but not reachable.


There are so many reasons to sign up for third-party beat sites. Free sign up, more exposure, beat battle contest and Sell Beats to more buyers. Although you may experience more competition you still have an opportunity to reach beat buyers. Try out one of the beat sites and see for yourself what they can do for your beat sells.

If you would rather set up your own beat website to Sell beats check out myflashstore they have the a really good beat player that allows you to sell beats from your website, social media profile and blog.

Selling Beats Online

Selling Beats Online Takes Branding 

Selling Beats OnlineToday, music producers are in the business of selling beats online. They use beat sites like Roc Battle and Sound Click to engage buyers into buying beats off their profiles. Although this is a great model to start, it may prove difficult to build a huge audience.

This article will touch on ways to create a positive brand image, and give you a few pointers on which beat sites to sign up to. Read on to learn how to start selling beats online! Off the top, just so you are aware, the online beat competition is fierce! While other producers try to sell their beats, you might get lost in the shuffle early on.

A lot of beat makers wonder how to create a positive image in the minds of beat buyers without spending money on PPC marketing? Well the answer to this question is brand image! If done correctly, beat buyers will know who you are by the way your brand is positioned.

To maximize brand image in the minds of buyers, construct a branding strategy that lays a foundation for you to following across all of your offline & digital media platforms.

What is Brand Image?


First, we must define what is brand image and how to implement it in your business model. Selling Beats online is no easy task, however having a brand strategy, makes things a whole lot simpler. The dictionary definition of brand image says: “The impression in the consumers mind of a brands total personality” (business dictionary).

Before you start selling beats online, it is imperative that you get this down. In other words, how will your beat profile and website be perceived by customers? Are you quick to respond to emails, will you be known for giving away free beats or does your beats demand more money because you won several Grammy awards?

4 Branding Tips to Live By

Tip#1 Keep information Updated

Keep all your social media profiles, beat website, email signatures and business cards updated with the same logo, contact information, colors, and beat tags. Think in terms of having the same voice no matter where a beat buyer may find you. Doing this will start to shape an impression in the beat buyers mind that you are, who you say you are. Why? Consistency!

Tip#2  Engage Potential Buyers on Social Media

This is very important as you become successful selling beats online. Social media is the place to interact with beat buyers and why not engage those who are screaming out loud what they want and need. In your case, its beats!

Social Media Profiles

What’s unique about social media is that you can listen to conversation in real-time. If someone is talking about beats or wanting to buy beats, listen in on the conversation using social media listening tools. These tools allow you to aggregate social media conversations in one place, depending on what keywords you set up previously.

For examples, a Twitter follower may mention to their followers that “I’m looking for beats”. All you have to do is set the buyer keywords “looking for beats” into the software and it will go out and wait for any conversation on that specific topic. You can also search for the keyword “looking for beats” and the software will find any mentioned of those words online.

Tip#3 Have Your Own Website

This is your home base; any changes that is made should be done on your website first! A benefit of owning your website is the vast opportunity to engage with beat buyers. You can establish a permanent presence and practically do anything you want without rules and guidelines, just make sure you are authentic in your approach.

If other third-party sites go down for some reason, you will still have your site and can continue to engage beat buyers with products and services. Without your own beat site, you are at the mercy of others in which they can go out of business at any moment. If you are not a website developer, there’s beat website venders that will do all the heavy coding for you. One example would be Roc Battles version:

Tip#4 Pick the Top 3 Beat Selling Websites to Establish a Profile on

Find the top 3 beat selling sites online and establish a profile for branding. Post 10 beats that you think will get beat buyers to buy or back to your beat site. Due to the vast amount of beat makers on these sites, you might not sell a lot of beats, or you just might!

The main purpose of doing this is establishing your brand image. Every beat profile should have the same logo, colors, verbiage and beat tags. You can have different genres of beats just as long as everything else is the same.  Here is my top list of beat sites that you can join.

  1. Sound Click
  2. Roc Battle
  3. MyFlashStore

3# Create Content That Adds Value!

Creating content will help build your brand presence online. Written content will give your website search engine optimization (SEO) benefits through organic search. YouTube is a wonderful place to post beat making tutorials for other producers and buyers to watch. Who knows, one day you might be showing people how to make money selling beats online! The bottom line is post your content everywhere you think beat buyers socialize.

Selling beats online is not easy, however it is doable by following the tips mentioned in the post! Now is the time to get online and make things happen for yourself. Start selling beats online today! I hope this article helped in your search on selling beats, please link to this page and share it with your social friends.

  1. Create a Brand Image
  2. Create Social Profiles
  3. Add identical Bran image across all platforms
  4. Get Social Media Listening Software
  5. Engage Social Media Followers & Friends
  6. Create Value Rich Content
  7. Sell More Beats

Need Beat Software?

Mega Music Maker

Mega Music Maker Beat Making Software

Click Here To Buy Mega Music Maker

The Mega Music Maker (MMM) take music production to a whole new level. Make beats faster & easier. You get thousands of loops, drums & samples.

Do you have time to learn music making? What about $20,000 for a music production degree? If not, then this is the right beat making tool to ease your frustration.

Purchase The Mega Music Maker for $27.00  HERE

Mega Music Maker Interface

 Drag & Drop

The drag & drop editor puts you in the driver’s seat speeding up your music creation flow. The beat software is Jammed packed with editing features that make music production simple & fun!  Drag & Drop everything, nothing is impossible! Use your computer mouse, touch pad or MIDI controller



Drum Sequencer
Mega Music Maker Drum Sequencer

  • Program beat patterns separately
  • Import external samples to create unique sounds and patterns
  • Mix & match patterns to create new versions

  Music Sequencer

Music Sequencer
  •  7-octave 16 track sequencer with unlimited song creation
  • 1000′s of loops, samples and combo sounds.
  • Drag and drop from your external hard drive.

Drum Pads

Mega Music Maker Pads
  • Bang out beats in real-time
  • Drag multi-samples to each pad
  • Add layers on top of each sound
  • Convert beats to song mode

 Hybrid Audio Mixer

Mega Music Maker MixerThe front panel mixer gives you flexibility and quick access to your mix.

  • 16 programmable fader
  • Pan function
  • Audio Effects
  • Bounce Function


Purchase The Mega Music Maker for $27.00  HERE

Big name music production software cost between $500-$1,000 bucks.

For $27.00, you get all the beat making tools for the lowest price available.

Facts & Questions

Is The Mega Music Maker compatible with Mac & Pc?


What is the Return Policy?

You have 60 days to return for a full money

back guarantee!

How many Sounds Do I get with The Mega Music Maker

Over 1,000 sounds, Samples & Loops

Mix Session Tips

Setting Up Your Mix Session

Music Mixing Session

Setting up a music mixing session the right way will prevent you from making mistakes to the original session file.  Read on to learn more about setting up your music mixing session.

Before I start my mixing session,  I like to create a copy of the session file and name it mix 1, mix 2 and mix 3. You should also add a date to the session to recall it faster; most DAWs will do this automatically. This keep me from making mistakes to the original recording session file.

Delete Empty Tracks

Once I get into the mixing session, I like to delete any unwanted tracks or tracks with no audio on them.  Empty tracks intact will take up system resources that may be needed later for plug-in processing.

Deactivate Unwanted Tracks

Most audio recording software will allow you to right-click or drag and drop tracks from the session easily.  Tracks that you may not want to delete, you can inactivate or hide them from the mixing session play list.  Keeping a clean workstation speeds up the process and keeps everything organized.

Group Tracks Together

After getting rid of unwanted tracks, I like to group similar instruments together. For example, if I have several drum tracks, I’ll put them next to each other and attach a color to them that way I can quickly identify them while mixing.  Every group should get their own color, this will help you jump to the right group when editing and adding effects.

All of the guitars, keyboards and strings and any other related instruments should sit next to each other. You may have a guitar solo, guitar lead, sample 1 and sample 2 etc. Having access to them will keep things organize and uncluttered. Ideally, you may want to put drums first, then bass, guitars, keys, samples etc.

Give Tracks Descriptive Names

Look through all of the tracks and rename the ones that may not have a name. Also, you want to rename tracks that just have initials.  Give them names that you can easily identify and group with other appropriate instruments.

Add any notes in the comment section to each track; this will keep you or someone else that may mix the song later up to speed on what’s happening with the music mixing session. If you still in the recording process, check out my home recording blog for professional recording tips.Learn about the best sound kits.

Sound kits for Beat Production

Sound Kits for Beat Making

Sound Kits

Sound kits are a crucial piece for beat production. Without a quality source of sound kits, loops and drums your beats will sound mediocre.  Choosing the best sound kits for music production shouldn’t be difficult.


Click Here to Learn About  Professional Sound Kits


Free Sound Kit Sites

There are free sites to download free sound kits. Although this is great and easy to do, the problem is everyone around the world will have the same sound kits as you.  To become competitive in beat production, the best option is to purchase your sound kits from quality vendors.

Am I saying that you should not get the free sound kits to make your no, but you want some that already come hitting hard. Which is less processing that you have to do.

Sound kits are the lifeblood of your beat production operation; there is no such thing as having to many sounds to work with.  If you can afford to purchase third-party sound kits, by all means invest, you will never know when they will come in handy. Stock sounds will only take you so far after while you become bored.

Paid Sound Kit Options

One-way of choosing the best sound kits is to listen to them on the vendors website. Usually they will have a play option for you to demo sound kits before you buy them. This is a powerful way of gauging whether they are the right sound kits for you.

Professional Sound Quality

Another “hint” to look out for is in the description of the sound kits. Words like 24 bit mastered quality and CD quality. The best sound kits will be recorded in 24 bit Wav or Aiff files at 44.1k or higher. Sound kits recorded at this level is similar to what you would hear on a CD. The difference is sounds that are recorded in 24 bits have more headroom allowing more space to apply processing.

This simply means that they are lossless quality left in their original format. MP3 files have lost some quality with a goal to reduce file size; this is unacceptable for professional music production “beat making!

You do not want MP3 sound kits. We have to remember that once you render down your beat after mixing, you will probably use MP3 as your file destination and having MP3 sounds will only reduce the quality farther. That brings up my next point; most free sounds have been converted to MP3 to reduce downloading time off the Internet.   You just do not know where the sounds had been before downloaded them, so watch out!

Reputable Music Producers

When buying sound kits for beat production get them from other music producers. They’ve been around and know how beats should sound.  Most producers process their sounds through mastering gear to get closer to “that sound”.

They use compressors, limiters and effects that improve the quality, punch and diversity of the sound kit.  This will save you time in the long, you won’t have to process drums.

To recap on what on the best way to choose sound kits is to listen to them on the vendors website, you will get a better take on if the sound kits are right for your beat production.

Next you want to make sure the sound kits are 24-bit 44.1k sample rate, MP3 sound kit files simply will not do.  You want sound kits in their original lossless format for production and mixing reasons.

Lastly, you want to purchase sound kits from reputable proven music producers they know how music should sound, and you don’t have to worry about mature mixed samples and sounds.  Following this guide will put you on the fast track for creating top-notch beats for time to come.

Music Production Software

Music Production Software

In 2014, hip-hop music is active and vibrant.  Music production software is affordable and music producers  seek out the best music production software for Hip-hop music production.

Pro Tools 11 Music Production Software

Pro Tools 11 is a leader in music production. To some, Pro Tools is the most powerful digital audio workstation on the market. Record, edit, and mix down your hip-hop music production inside the box. Pro Tools music production is easy to use and comes in several price options from under $400.00 M box systems up to professional pro level. Mac & Windows Compatible

Logic Pro X Music Production Software

Logic Pro X has redefined itself with a new look and feel. One feature that has greatly improved for hip-hop music production is the user interface.

Now, music producers can get to all of the options quickly allowing you to personalize your interface to your liking. Logic Pro X music production software is defiantly a huge player in hip-hop music production. Mac & Windows Compatible

For more information on Logic Pro X, Click here.

SONAR X3 Music Production Software

Sonar x3 has continued to improve and add new features to make music production for hip-hop easier. SONAR has added color customization to make identifying tracks simpler.

Out the box, SONAR comes with comping, VST2 support, ARA integration, and a host of new plug-ins that makes music production sound professional.

Thinking about trying SONARX3, download the demo version here.

Cubase 7.5 Music Production Software

Cubase 7.5 comes with new features that help you keep track of your recorded tracks with ease. Cubase new feature, Track Version allows you to create alternative versions of the same-recorded track for fast recall.

Manage different takes of the same recording with a simple click.  Now you have even more VST support and plug-in options. You will never get bored production tracks inside Cubase. Click here to learn more about Cubase.

Learn about another beat making software for Windows.

Beat Making Software for Windows 7

Best Beat Making Software for Windows 7

What is the best beat making software for Windows 7?  This question is very subjective.

There are a lot to consider when trying to decide which software works best!
In this post, we will look at a few helpful tips that will guide your decision for picking the perfect beat making software for Windows.

Software Build

The range of beat software is abundant for beat makers, ranging from free download beat making software to pricey DAW software.
While free and priced beat software share some of the same features, you want to make sure that the beat software was built correctly and doesn’t have tons of bugs that may  crash your computer system.

Update Audio Drivers

Other than functionally, sound is the most important part of beat software. You want to make sure that your software is compatible with Windows standard ASIO drivers. If not, you won’t be able to hear what you are doing thus not making good beats.

Audio File Compatibility 

Being able to use your software with either Windows or Apple is very important. You may use it solely with Windows but it may come a time where you’ll need to transfer files to a Apple computer. When buying beat software, look for audio file compatibility with Wav files.  Wav file are easily transferable using both Apple and Mac computers. Don’t get caught off guard by off brand sound files that can’t transfer to other operating systems or software.

Make Your Own Techno Music

Techno Music Your Way

Techno music is one of the most creative styles of music.  Once you get a nice rhythm going and the bass pounding, add some funky instruments and synths to the mix. You will start to feel the flow of the beat come to life.

Before you can get to this level, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

1). Purchase a nice computer with enough power that can handle music production processing.

2). Buy easy to learn music production software. Make sure that it comes packed with master quality sounds and effects.

Must Have Features:

  • Sounds, loops, VST instruments w/synths
  • Music Sequencer
  • Sampler w/Auto Chop
  • Friendly user interface
  • Effects & Master Buss

You also want to have a pair of quality headphones or studio monitors to hear your techno music production come to life.

Once you have the above tools, learning how to make techno music is just a matter of learning the right techno beats per minutes, creating loops and riffs and producing beats on a regular basis.

Techno BPM

Generally, techno starts around 120 BPM and can run up to 150 BPM. The objective is to find your groove and build your rhythm section around it.

Kick Drum Patterns

To get that techno feel, your kick drum sequence should be set on the downbeat for a strong reference point.

Snare Drum Pattern

Put the snare drum on beats two and four after the kick drum.

Hi Hat Drum Patterns

The Hi Hat is an important part of techno setting the paste of the beat. Place the hi-hats on the up beat after the Kick drum.

Once you got a good techno drum beat  going, add bass, synths and other sounds that will make your techno beat stand out.

Create your first pattern and then mix it up with different changes to keep it fresh and new.

Learning how to make your own techno music is simple. Rinse and repeat until you get the hang of it.

I hope this was helpful on your quest to learn how to make your own techno music. Please feel free to leave a comment if you have more to add to this post.  To learn more about a beat making software that will speed up your learning curve in producing techno music, click here.

Here is another source for learn how to make techno music. Click here.

Drum Machine Software- MPC Studio

The MPC Studio Drum Machine Software

DRUM MACHINE SOFTWAREThe MPC Studio drum machine software controller is used to control MIDI notes in MPC’s or third-party drum machine software. It’s streamlined for efficiency with the frame being under one inch with controls and knobs flush inside the aluminum body. Travel with this baby, tuck it away in your book bag or laptop case.


MPC Studio Hardware 

The MPC Studio has similar features as other MPC hardware. 16 back lit MPC style pads allows for seeing in easy low lit venues. No need for adapter, plug it in your laptop USB.  The LCD screen is big enough with touch sensitive knobs with after touch.


MPC STUDIO SoftwareMPC Studio Software

The MPC software is standard across all MPC products. Sequence up to 128-tracks with 8 switchable banks. Equipped with 9 gigabits of sounds and samples.  Use it in standalone mode or inside another audio workstation.

MPC Studio Effects

Apply multiple effects using 4 insert slots per pad and 4 send to track effects. Connect the MPC Studio to your Mac or PC; use your own sounds in side the software. It supports most sound files and can process oil school MPC sequences.

The MPC Studio software is for producers on the go. It’s slim body and ease of use allows the creative juices to flow anywhere. Producing, mixing and bouncing to disk is truly what make this drum machine software a tool worth trying out!

Learn more about the best beat making software for beginners.

Best Beat Making Software for Beginners

Best Beat Making Software for Beginners

If you are thinking about becoming a beat maker then the question on your mind is what is the best beat software for beginners? I understand why you would ask this question, with so many beat machines and music workstations on the market, it’s hard to make a good decision without breaking the bank.  
Lucky for you, I’ve research one beat making software/hardware to give you an option as to what best beat making software for beginners to purchase.  
Akai MPC Renaissance Music Production System
Best Beat Making Software for Beginners

Akai MPC Renaissance is one of a kind beat making software; you get the best of both world’s hardware and software. This beat machine is in high demand due to its renowned history in hip-hop and music production. The Renaissance is packed with features only matched by its older models. 

What’s interesting to note about the Renaissance is you can select vintage mode output sound characters from the MPC3000, MPC60 and other sound modules that Akai have produced. This is  one of the reasons I say  the the MPC Renaissance is the best beat making software for beginners.
That’s major coming from a history of hit makers who’ve used the MPC to bang out hot tracks from so many different genres of music.  You can use the hardware control to bang beats from your laptop or desktop computer. 
The Akai MPC Renaissance allows you to create music with the feel of using hardware with unmatched editing power of software. Akai MPC is priced accordingly and well worth it, Amazon sells it for under $1,300 with free shipping. 

Hardware Features

MPC Renaissance hardware front

The Akai Renaissance allows you to use the vintage mode to capture that old-school hip-hop sound that MPC is known for. To stay on connected to the sounds that you’ve programmed into the MPC R, they’ve included 16 back-lit pads and Q-link controls with adjustable LCD screen. This is powerful, some producers like to produce beats in low light, and having this makes the experience all so much better!
The hardware integrates seamlessly with the included software. You get to play with up too 128 tracks. Back in the day, producers only had 16 tracks to make a beat with, now it’s unlimited to what you can do with this beat maker! With all these features it’s no wonder why people are saying that the MPC Renaissance is the best beat making software for beginners 
The two XLR-1/4 connections allow for microphones or other sound source to connect with the MPC. This is good for recording samples or real life vocals inside the MPC.  It comes with a standard phone in for all your vinyl recordings.  
MPC Renaissance hardware back

As computers become more integrated with beat making with beat software, the MPC has provide you with 4 USB audio interface connections with built in USB hub for other devices that you may want to connect through your MPC Renaissance.  
To store more sounds, Renaissance gives you up to 8 banks of banks to store sounds and have access during recording. To control sound modules, keyboards and other MIDI devices, the MPC R gives you Two MIDI inputs and 4 MIDI outputs. Assign different headphones with the ¼ out and S/PDIF 1/O connection. 

Software Features

MPC Renaissance Software Front

As already know, the software allows you to record up to 128- tracks with it’s on board sequencer. You have more access to sounds on the fly with up to 8 pad banks of switchable sound collections. What’s really exciting about the MPC Renascence is the 9GB+ sound library included, with all the MPC 3000 sound collection. 
It doesn’t stop there; you get 3 extra sound expansion banks, that’s major considering the price.  To help you get moving quickly making beats, the MPC has instant mapping and real-time adjustment of VST plugins. What this means is you don’t have to configure anything, it’s done for you automatically. 
The MPC Renaissance allows you to record tracks as a drum program, key group program or VST/AU plugin. Work inside the MPC as your standalone digital audio workstation or use it inside other DAW like ProTools or Logic Pro 9. The Renaissance is compatible with Mac and PC and it supports WAV, MP3, AIFF, REX and SND file structure.

MPC Renaissance Software Mixing

The MPC Renaissance is consider the best beat making software for beginners because it integrates the best of both worlds, hardware and software into one seamlessly beat machine. With all the sounds you get with the Renaissance, you should want for samples for a long time to come. To learn more about the MPC Renaissance, go to to get the best deal possible.

Buy Akai MPC Renaissance on Amazon Here

Learn more about the best music recording software.