BTV SOLO Music Production Software 



The BTV Solo is one of the best beat making programs for the price, sound quality, sound kits and features. Only $39.00

The BTV SOLO is easy to use! Robust features like .wav editing and auto chop make sampling simple and quick.

You get over 3000 mastered quality samples, instruments and drum kits with your stock BTV beat maker.

For the entry price of $39.95, the BTV is a great beat making tool to get you started.  

*Compatible with PC or Mac operation system*
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Dallas Austin

“Everything that we could possibly think of – we tried to put into this device. The sounds in the box – they’ve been made over a long time. It’s the type of thing we don’t usually give up in this industry. We usually don’t offer our sounds to anybody. 

Your sound is everything…its what you are as a producer. It’s what you are emotionally.” “We wanted to create a product for all the people who aspired to be record producers but didn’t know where to start, or they didn’t know how to get the equipment, or it wasn’t really accessible…That’s why we went back and created BTV SOLO.”