Learn How to Mix Hip Hop Beats

Mixing Hip hop Beat

Professionally Mix Hip Hop Beats

Mixing hip-hop beats is just like any other genre. There is a saying that goes: garbage in, garbage out. What this means is if you record a track that sounds like garbage from the start, that no matter what you try to get it to sound good it will still sound like garbage after mixing. That being said read this article to learn how to mix hip-hop beats professional.


Audio Signal Flow

  1. First look at the audio strip signal flow: preamp, equalizer, compressor, pre and post fader. The signal will flow in that order, unless you re-route it through an external insert or aux buss.

Monitor Audio Levels

  1. The most important part of mixing hip-hop beats is being able to hear what is going on inside the mix. That being said, you want to listen to the audio at a comfortable audio level.

Adjusting Audio Levels

  1. To get a well balance mix, adjust each track individually. Start with the drums, then bass and instruments. Solo each track to hear if they need eq, compression and limiting. Pan instruments to the left or right to give the mix a stereo vibe.