Auria Software for iPad 2

Auria Software for  iPad 2

auria software for ipad 2Introducing the Auria software app for iPad 2, Auria software from Wave machine Labs.

Aura includes:

    • Up to 48 tracks of simultaneous playback
    • Record up to 24 tracks at once
    • VST plugin support (IOS format only)
    • AAF Import and Export
    • Fully featured multi-track editor
    • Includes optional plugins from PSPaudioware, Fabfilter, and more
Auria 4Software 8 Track Recording System for the iPad
    Aura is the new standard for recording software for iPad multi-tracking. In Aura, you can play 48 mono or stereo 24 bit/441.kHz tracks simultaneously. You also have the ability to record up to 24 tracks with your compatible USB multichannel audio interface. This music recording app has a 64-bit double precision architecture with plenty of headroom for plug-ins, mixing and mastering your favorite audio using Aura iPad recording app.


What’s exciting to note about this recording app for the iPad is the ease of customization. You can switch between meters peak and RMS settings, it is fully delay compensated on all tracks, aux sends and sub groups. Aure comes with  PSPaudioware, Overload, Fab filter and Drumagog channel strip plug-in on every track. On top of that, Aura supports Dropbox, Soundcloud, AAF, and MP3. There’s no doubt about Aura taking multitrack recording software to the next level!

Record and Edit Function
Edit window for Auria software for I pad 2

Like other recording iPad apps, Aura lets you set the audio input levels and select monitoring tracks with or without plug-ins.

Here are some features you can do while recording with Aura iPad recording studio.

Punch in/Punch out
Loop Record
Snap to Bar
Use Events
Change Cursor Position
Snap to Grid

Aura EDIT view

There’s not many apps for recording music that will let you bring in audio from other sources such as: iTunes, Pro Tools, Nuendo, Digital Performer via AAF import. There’s plenty of editing features that rival top audio recording software. That being said, lets move on to the mix section of Aura!



Mixing Section

PSP CHannel Strip

Aura is the next generation for iPad recording apps. In the mix section, you can turn your iPad portrait for 100mm-long throw fader and have control 48 mono or stereo tracks. Each channel have excess to two aux sends, a PSP Channel strip with extensive eq, compression and gating features.  You have 8 sub groups as well, each can have 4 plug-ins. Aura is fully automated for both channel controls and plug-ins, say hello to your new iPad multi-track recorder!

Auria - WaveMachine Labs, Inc.

Mix features:

  • 4 plug-ins per channel
  • Mutune processor for Vocals
  • Fabfilter for frequency tweaking
  • PSP Micro Warmer

Effects for Auria

Auria Recording Sfotware Auria Effects

Auria software comes with great sounding effects, this audio recording app, comes with effect such as: Convolution Reverb featuring IR samples from MoReVox, Classic Verb, PSP Stereo Chorus and PSP Stereo Delay.Other plug-ins are optional which included: PSPaudioware Echo and Micro Warmer, Fabfilter, Pro Q, and overload Th-2 and BeVerb Plug-ins.

Auria does except third-party VST plug-ins so you should not have a problem adding your own plug-ins to the mix.

Auria Recording Software

With Auria, you can record, edit, mix and master your project. With it’s 64 bit- Double-Precision summing engine, there is no digital errors.  The channel is fully equip to handle the final mix down. The plug-ins included are: PSP Master Strip featuring eq, compression, and brick-wall limiting.

Output as an MP3, OR WAV file, export directly to iTunes, Sound Cloud, or Drop box. You can also, export an AFF session in Pro Tools, Nuendo, Logic, and Digital Performer.

The bottom line is that Auria is a breath of fresh air when it comes to iPad audio recording apps. Auria is shipping now on your app store. Watch the video below and pick up the Auria  software for iPad 2.

Auria - WaveMachine Labs, Inc.